How to Resolve HP Printer Fuser Error

  • HP 50.2 fuser error— Fuser warm-up service in HP Printer.
  • HP 50.3 fuser issue — High fuser temperature of thermistor (TH1)
  • HP 50.4 fuser problem— Drive circuit failure.
  • HP 50.5 fuser issue— High fuser temperature of the thermistor.
  • HP 50.6 fuser issue— Low fuser temperature of thermistor (TH2).
  • HP 50.7 fuser problem— Low fuser temperature.
  • HP 50.8 fuser error — High fuser temperature of thermistor (TH2).
  • HP 50.9 fuser issue — The wrong fuser installed in the printer.

Causes Behind HP Laserjet Fuser Error 50.2 and 50.3

A fuser is a couple of heated rollers. While a paper crosses by it, next it produces enough heat to dissolve the ink powder across the paper. The fuser rolls out the printed document to the output tray. And you must have remarked that the forthcoming papers are forever hot. The Fuser is continuously at high temperature though still, its thermostatic characteristic stops pages from burning. Consequently, the unexpected increase in the printer temperature begins with HP Laserjet Fuser Error 50.2. Most importantly, the plan of the fuser assembly is within 50,000–200,000 pages depends upon the printer type.

  • An instantaneous boost in the temperature of the printer that points to the loss of the fuser kit.
  • Possibly the operating system is turning with a corrupt registry.
  • While the power circuit of the printer not running accurately or start performing terribly.

Methods to Solve HP printer fuser error 50.2

Method- I Reset Your HP Printer Fuser

Fix HP 50.2 Fuser Error by the actions prescribed here to reset the fuser.

  1. Now idle for a minute and later open the outside lid of the printer.
  2. Attempt to Slide out the fuser to get it out of the printer. Ensure that the fuser is at standard temperature while removing it.
  3. Inspect the fuser if there is any paper inside the fuser. If you get one then extract it correctly.
  4. You require to clean if you saw any jammed ink throughout the fuser assembly. It will ensure the more positive performance of the printer.
  5. It is a moment to install the fuser back to the printer. Secure the correct installation of the fuser to its slot.
  6. Shut the door moreover now make all the cable connection with the device.
  7. Lastly, turn ON your printer and wait for it to live idle and silent.

Method- II Examine the Power Source of Printer

Seldom HP Fuser Error 50.2 faced by users because of broken or loosened power cord. As a result, it turns to the abnormal transmission of power that produced the power line breakdown. Furthermore, a plug intended for printers is distinct from any other device plug. Because the printer’s power plug provides a wide range of power to the device.

Method- III Restart your HP LaserJet Printer

To solve the HP 50.2 Fuser error, you necessity try to restart your HP LaserJet printer formerly. Because seldom it happens due to the more extra heat inside the printer. It influences the functionality of the printer. Track the actions discussed here:

  1. Promptly you require to wait for about five minutes and following that gain all the links as it were.
  2. This is the point to turn ON your printer.



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